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The Violence Prevention Agency is committed to reducing the number and severity of incidents of violence by effectively training and assisting others to implement ongoing, proactive violence prevention and intervention strategies.


The VPA will achieve its mission by:

  • Fostering a learning culture, that places a high value on collaboration, ethics, empowerment, performance and innovation

  • Focusing on conducting and publishing broad-based empirical research on the causes of violence

  • Developing and delivering best practice methods to others that are designed to detect, investigate, manage, reduce, and resolve behavior that compromises the safety and well-being of others

  • Forming strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations to bolster resources and capabilities

  • Being dedicated to continued improvement in the ability to develop and deliver high quality educational material to a diverse range of clients

  • Ensuring that information on violence prevention strategies are accessible to those with a vested interest in the security and safety of self or others

  • Maintaining a client-centered approach and utilizing feedback to achieve high levels of responsiveness

  • Embracing technology to enhance performance and efficiency

  • Committing to being a profitable, ethical and sustainable organization that makes achieving the mission a priority for short-term and long-term goals


The VPA’s success and reputation are based on the core values of integrity, excellence, and fortitude. These values shape our decision-making processes, daily operations, short and long-term strategy, and interactions with our clients and the greater community.


INTEGRITY is at the heart of all that we do. We achieve this by being honest, fair, and mindful in all of our actions. Ethical and sustainable business practices are a priority for us. We ensure that we are consistent with our values, decisions, and the services we offer. We know and appreciate that it is our clients that drive our business, so we do all we can to ensure that our clients’ expectations have been exceeded.


The VPA achieves EXCELLENCE by fostering a learning culture that encourages empowerment, collaboration, passion, innovation, and efficiency. We are committed to delivering services and products that are always well above standard and we pride ourselves in being industry leaders. The safety and wellbeing of our team and our clients is of paramount importance to us. Our team is diligent, caring, and always open to feedback on how we can do better.


FORTITUDE is the strength of mind to face adversity with courage. The VPA believes that authentic courage arises from an understanding of how to enhance and use one’s resources and capabilities effectively and efficiently. As an organization, the VPA is committed to being courageous. We have the courage to never settle for mediocrity, to question the norm and to innovate, to stand up for the rights of others, to acknowledge when we are at fault, to put our clients safety first, and to do all that it takes to impede those who would do harm to others.



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