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Leaders of organizations carry the legal and ethical responsibility to engage in reasonable efforts to keep employees and others (such as customers, clients, and guests) safe, both on-site or off-site in relation to the organization. We are here to assist you with this vital and challenging task.


We conduct assessments, make recommendations, and provide assistance to support and enhance violence prevention strategies for organizations. To adequately prevent and manage workplace bullying, conflict, aggression, and violence, there is a need for the implementation of proactive and ongoing violence prevention and intervention efforts. The VPA uses an agile, comprehensive, and multi-perspective strategic approach. We adapt our solutions to meet the situational needs, organizational culture, and budget of our clients.


Tragedies are, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life. Reducing the likelihood and impact of a tragedy on an organization and its community is vital for the continued organizational health and sustainability. This is achieved by placing emphasizing preventative measures and applying practices that reduce physical and psychological injury, loss of life, litigation, and recovery time, and allow for for business continuity. Frequently, the first questions asked after a crisis occurs are, “How could this have happened and why wasn’t it prevented?” In today’s business environment, it is essential that organizations are able to answer these types of questions with the certainty that best practice methods were in place to prevent and mitigate safety concerns.

We can offer you expertise with:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Policy Writing

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Programs 

  • Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

  • Active Shooter/ Mass Casualty Attacker Response 

  • Threat Assessment & Threat Management

  • Organizational Culture & Performance Development

  • Inappropriate Pursuit (Stalking & Harassment)

  • Expert Witness & Litigation Consultation

Benefits of an effective workplace violence prevention program:

  • Reduces the risk of physical harm to employees

  • Compliance with city, state and federal requirements 

  • Avoid federal citations and penalties for non compliance to “duty to care” standards

  • Enhances the organizational culture

  • Improves morale, job satisfaction and productivity

  • Increases talent acquisition and employee retention

  • Leads to an earlier identification and reduction of costly problems

  • Decreases litigation and costs for being held liable for damages, including injury to employees and clients 

  • Helps prevent theft and fraud

  • Improves overall communication and workflow

  • Reduces and interruption of business due to high-risk employees

  • Business continuity after an incident

  • Protects the reputation of an organization

  • Improves overall ability to detect and respond to high risk situations

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