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The Violence Prevention Agency (VPA) is committed to making the world a safer place by training and assisting others to implement effective violence prevention and intervention strategies. The VPA’s best practice methods are designed to detect, investigate, manage, reduce, and resolve behavior that compromises the safety and well-being of individuals and organizations.


The VPA is dedicated to continued research in the field of violence prevention and threat management and to providing this information with those with a vested interest in the security and safety of others.


The VPA advises a broad range of individuals, government, and non-government organizations to improve their violence prevention strategies, including the assessment and management of incidents of violence and threats of violence.


Quality training has been shown to be vital in the implementation of a successful violence prevention program. Our professional trainers, instructors, and speakers are passionate and proficient in teaching violence prevention strategies. They are committed to sharing their expertise in engaging, practical, and meaningful ways.


We are committed to teaching methods that lead to high levels of learning retention and usability of the information presented, as we know lives may depend on it.

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