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Workshops & Seminars

In today's fast paced, ever-changing, ultra-competitive environment, it is crucial for an organization to foster a learning culture to create and sustain success. 

Our people-centered, workshops and seminars our built around change management principles. When learning stops, growth ceases, careers stagnate, or end. Whether it is learning a new skill, behavior, or mindset, learning is fundamentally about managing change. Our workshops encourage continuous learning at the systems level, knowledge generation and sharing, critical thinking, a spirit of flexibility, and experimentation.  


The VPA will assist you in making the best choice of format (workshop vs seminar), and with choosing a topic, and facilitator. Typically reserved for smaller groups, workshops focus on one skill or topic area to be taught in detail during one or more brief sessions. During our seminars, students participate in a lecture or discussion of relevant violence prevention topics with a violence prevention specialist. 

Custom Learning Solutions

VPA facilitators are subject matter experts that are highly adept at delivering information in an engaging, transformative, and compelling way.


Every aspect of your seminar experience has been designed with your needs and specific goals in mind. We know your participants' time is valuable, and training needs to be able to fit within your time budget. With this in mind we place importance on maximizing the benefit, and working with you to ensure that trainings run smoothly and accomplish their purpose. 


Consider the VPA your compliance partner.


We recognize that lives could depend on the training we deliver, so we do more than just offer you training that allows you to check a box. Our training is based on our model of making sure that we are constantly offering effective, best practice solutions, that meet and exceed legal compliance at the state and federal level. 



We are industry leaders in producing and conducting workplace violence prevention workshops and seminars.


Contact us today to assist you in achieving your training goals.


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