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Mass casualty attacks (active shooter situations or terrorist attacks) evolve rapidly, with the number of these high impact incidents increasing dramatically over the last decade. These events are portrayed as unpredictable and random in the news, but violent attacks are noticed, reported and prevented every day through effective community training and awareness. Certain steps can be taken to decrease a potential shooter’s chances of successfully carrying out his or her plan. 

  • A better understanding of the psychology and motivation of mass casualty attackers

  • An increased knowledge about violence and workplace violence prevention

  • Early detection strategies and intervention techniques to prevent and respond to active shooter situations 

  • Greater confidence in using the Run, Hide, Fight model recommended by the Department of Homeland Security for Active Shooter response 

  • The necessary skills to effectively respond as “first on scene” in an emergency situation

  • Improved crisis communication

  • Learn the recruitment methods of terrorist organizations and counter terrorism strategies

This training will bring you:

This is life-saving information. Book your training today!

The Violence Prevention Agency’s trainings and presentations are unique and specifically customized for each audience. Unlike other companies, we do not use templated formats in our presentations. Instead, we provide this crucial information in an energetic and engaging way.​

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