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Case Study: Attack on Subway Train.

Warning: Video contains explicit language. Training tips. 1) Be vigilant, if you see something that seems out of the ordinary, assess the situation and react. Avoidance is the best defense. 2) Remain calm and engage in self protection strategies. If possible move away from the threat. Alert others to the danger. 3) Match the use of force needed to protect yourself with the level of the threat. Do not engage in an attack unless it is in self-defense. Unless physical force is absolutely needed, you may find yourself going from victim to perpetrator and may be arrested and charged for a crime. Edmonton Light Rail Transit spokeswoman Cheryl Oxford told The Huffington Post that both the man and the woman were ticketed for the incident.

There are always warning signs prior to an attack. Learn to spot and react to them. Watch the behavior of the attacker just prior to her attack.

Remember: Using headphones on public transport or while walking, reduces your situational awareness and reaction time. Seconds save lives.

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