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E-learning involves the use of technology to deliver or access training or education-oriented content and courseware.

We offer online-interactive learning and independent self-paced learning options. The VPA classes are created and presented by subject matter expects who are passionate and proficient in teaching violence prevention strategies. 


Whether you are looking for a class for personal development, compliance, certification or continuing education we are able to offer you a range of e-Learning courses that will meet your need and exceed your expectations. 


We are committed to teaching methods that lead to high levels of learning retention and usability of the information presented, as we know lives may depend on it.

Our instructional design is guided by our belief that learning should be accesible, engaging, expert-driven and user-centered.   

Custom Learning Solutions


Table-Top Exercises


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Online-interactive learning occurs when learners and instructors are interacting in real-time, typically through delivery platforms, remote labs, distance learning technologies such as video conferencing and chat, or collaboration and social learning technologies.


Self-paced learning is an instructional design and delivery methodology that allows students to access content or participate in learning outside of the classroom and at their convenience, or independent of the instructor. 

We are industry leaders in producing and conducting workplace violence prevention workshops and seminars. Contact us today to assist you in achieving your training goals.


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